“Without breasts, there is paradise”: Johanna Fadul’s abdomen, on Instagram and in reality

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Colombian actress Johanna Fadul She keeps her social media accounts very active, especially on Instagram, where she just surprised her fans with two photographs of her abdomen. The figure of “Without breasts there is paradise”He posted two snapshots of his figure and left an open question for his fans.

Besides dedicating himself to acting, Fadul has become a influence and on Instagram it already has more than 5.9 million followers.

The interpreter of Daniela in fiction share content about Lifestyle and, above all, in recent months, on caring for the body with physical activity.

Because she, who has always been slim and slim, now shows a beauty more marked in the physical with its strict routine of exercises, which makes her one of the most popular actresses athletic of Colombia.

Johanna Fadul surprised more than one follower of Instagram by uploading, first, a photograph of yourself in bikini with the very marked abdomen for daily exercises.

However, the next snapshot shows the Colombian actress with the tongue out and the abdomen already without the characteristic marks of the previous photo, which gave meaning to the description of his post: “Photo one: expectation, photo two: reality. And which are you?”.

This caused a series of funny comments about what usually happens between people who they exercise often and show an athletic approach and pose, when there is also a reality in which the abdomen it looks different.

Johanna Fadul doesn’t really have a boyfriend but a husband: Juanse Quintero. Both are one of the couples most estimated of the Colombian industry.

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They were married in 2015 and since then they have had a stable marriage who has not been involved in scandals or shady moments, quite the opposite: they always share videos and photos together on social networks.

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