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“Without breasts, there is paradise”: what happened to Juan Pablo Llano, the actor who played the journalist Daniel Cerón Venegas

What happened to Juan Pablo Llano? The Colombian actor gave life to the remembered journalist Daniel Cerón Venegas in “Without breasts there is paradise”, One of the most successful telenovelas on Telemundo. The artist, with a prolific artistic career, has established himself as one of the most sought-after performers in the region. Therefore, many wonder what has happened to the career of one of the protagonists of the series.

The television production, written by Gustavo Bolivar, gave a privileged place to the character of Llano. It is about a journalist who, in search of solving the crime of his best friend, enters the violent world that takes everything from him: from his job to his mother.

In this way, Juan Pablo Llano played from 2016 to 2019 the reporter who puts all his strength to collaborate with the fall of La Diabla (Kimberly Flores), the center of his revenge. This role made the artist return to Colombia and reconnect with the industry of the region.

Llano’s work as Daniel Cerón ended up in The End of Paradise “. His character had a shocking outcome that surprised more than one follower of the television series, thus marking a great moment in history that captivated millions of viewers.

Juan Pablo Llano gave life to Daniel Cerón in the three seasons of “Without breasts there is paradise” and in “The end of paradise“, With which he closed the cycle of the journalist character in 2019. After that work, he was part of the cast of” El Barón “, a television series, based on the world of drug trafficking, in which he gave life to Mauricio Jaramillo.

While, in 2020, he appeared in “The Night”, A Colombian telenovela by Snail Television that tells the story of millions of people who find in night education a way to resurface socially and economically. Llano, in this production, plays Alberto Cruz. Also, in the same year, he played Hernán Patiño in the series “Decisions: Some win, others lose”.

Thus, in 2021, Juan Pablo Llano returned to the program “Latin America Fire Challenge”, After a year of absence. The actor returned as the star driver, a position that had been taken over by Michel Brown. In this way, the interpreter resumed his role in the production that brings together Latin American arms forgers to see who is the best craftsman.

Juan Pablo Llano is a Colombian actor born in Medellín Antioquia on November 17, 1977, so he will be 44 years old in 2021. The also television presenter and model has forged an artistic career since 2002 and has participated in major productions such as “A maid in Manhattan”, “The real Rodrigo Leal”, “Aurora“, among other. Your partner is Catalina Gómez, since 2004, and has two children.

At the end of Netflix does not show the signs, that is, the ‘Titi’ does not enter a hospital, Catalina ‘la grande’ does not take care of him and his granddaughter, La Diabla is not convicted of all her crimes, Mrs. Hilda does not give herself another chance with Salvatore, and Albeiro does not form a family with the lawyer Marcela.

For fans of the “”, The fact that the streaming giant omitted the last minutes of the final episode means that the fiction could have a continuation.

Many followers of history hope that Netflix buy the rights to the production from Telemundo and you can see beyond the world of ‘Catalina Santana’ and ‘the Titi’.

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