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“Without breasts, there is paradise”: what Roberto Manrique did before dedicating himself to acting

What did he do Roberto Manrique before being an actor? The also Ecuadorian model found fame with his role as Santiago Sanín in telenovelas “Without breasts there is paradise“And” The end of paradise “, with her great friend Carmen Villalobos. However, his beginning in acting is little known and arose on the spur of the moment. This has been the history of the artist who, now, is away from the screens.

Manrique He was born on April 23, 1979 in Guayaquil, so, in 2021, he is of the age of 42 years. He started working on television since 2002, so he has a 19-year artistic career.

The interpreterIn addition, it has been part of journalistic reports for the revelation that he is gay and that he has as a couple, for seven years, Oliver Ranft. Although he clarified that most of his environment already knew about his relationship, so it was not a “come out of the closet”.

“The background is that this aspect of my life was not a secret in 95 percent of my dimensions and my circles. He didn’t feel like he lived in a closet, he just didn’t talk about it with the press. But there was no environment in which it pretended to be something or hid it. If you knew me and I was with Oliver, you knew he was my boyfriend “, he told .

Roberto Manrique said, in the aforementioned interview, that he was working as a waiter in Peru before the opportunity to be an actor came to him. The Ecuadorian artist graduated with excellence from the career of Social Communication with a specialization in Graphic Design at the Casa Grande University in Guayaquil.

He set up his agency, but despite the success, he decided to close it and set out in new directions. In this way, he ended up in Peru, where he was offered a casting for a soap opera. He was not selected but he was asked to take an acting course and, at that moment, he discovered his acting side.

“I’m going to Peru for things in life. And one of my clients from the agency was a television channel that was going to produce a soap opera in Peru, and they told me: ‘Why don’t you do that casting?’ I did it, and it didn’t fit. He had never acted. In fact, I was working as a waiter in Peru ”, he explained.

The Ecuadorian artistposted a video on his official account at Instagram to detail, in nine minutes, his reasons for making that intimate revelation, something he had not considered before.

“I want to tell you something very important, very intimate, very personal that I have never spoken about and now I have felt the urge to speak and it is my sexuality (…)”he started saying Manrique in the audiovisual that already has more than 50 thousand views and hundreds of different comments.

Then he added that “It had never seemed important to me to say that I am homosexual because I really considered that it is irrelevant, that there are other aspects of who I am and that is the priority”. He explained that his environment already knew his reality and that if he came out to say it, it was to go against the fault and repentance generated by society towards people with happiness sexual orientation.

decided to put action aside and currently leads a movement in defense of the earth together with the organization “Together X the earth”, with which he seeks to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and plant trees, an initiative that she shares with her boyfriend Ranft.

After your trip through Latin America, the actor accumulated 33,494 trees to be planted, a debt that is about to begin to be paid.

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