Without Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo gave a style lesson in Paris

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After the crying in Barcelona and the thunderous welcome in Paris, Lionel Messi and his family are already settled in their new home. Although they still do not have a permanent home and are residing in a hotel, the city has already welcomed them with open arms. That is why Antonella Roccuzzo He decided to take a walk through the streets of the French capital with his three children.

Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, the three bearers of the surname Messi They did not let go of Roccuzzo’s hand at any time and even took the opportunity to buy toys. However, in this walk through “the city of light” who knew how to win all eyes was Antonella herself. Is that, the it girl Rosario gave a style lesson in a big way.

Beyond being the wife of a soccer star like Lionel MessiAntonella has her own group of fans. And, it was precisely the Instagram account @ anto.queen that shared the photographs of the influencer giving a style lesson in Paris. With a casual look, but no less sophisticated, Argentina chose all garments of French design.

Antonella Roccuzzo in Paris.

Antonella Roccuzzo in Paris.

Antonella Roccuzzo in Paris.

From her shirt to her bag, Antonella is already beginning to connect with the brands that will go out of their way now because she is their model. Pink in color and with short sleeves, her shirt bears the Balmain signature, a name that is stamped on the chest. Then, his shoulder bag is from the renowned Louis Vuitton brand with its characteristic print, strap and accessories.

In turn, Roccuzzo combined these French pieces with white trousers and natural-colored sneakers. And, it should be noted that, according to the official Balmain page, the garment that she wore has a value of 422 euros, which translates to about 495 dollars while her bag is around 1600 euros, that is, 1876 dollars.


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