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WNBA Debuts Docuseries Featuring Rookies

WNBA Debuts Docuseries Featuring Rookies

The WNBA is seizing a unique marketing opportunity this season with a notable spike in interest following the debut of rookies like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and others, who have made significant waves.

In response, the league has rolled out a new four-part docuseries titled Year 1. This behind-the-scenes series focuses on the journeys of Reese along with fellow rookies Kamilla Cardoso, Rickea Jackson, and Nika Muhl.

Year 1 tracks these rookies from the WNBA Draft through the postseason.

The first episode premiered on Wednesday and is accessible via the WNBA app and YouTube.

An interesting aspect is the decision to omit Caitlin Clark from the featured rookies. However, given her substantial exposure across various media platforms, including those that don’t typically cover the WNBA, it’s likely a strategic move to shine the spotlight on Reese and the other rookies, broadening the media’s attention.

Clark herself has contributed to this inclusive approach. For instance, after a recent Indiana Fever game, when all questions were directed at her, she redirected the media to also engage with her teammate Aliyah Boston.

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