Woman disrupts macho comments by showing her workload during her maternity leave

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Kristen Cuneo works at a tech company in San Francisco, USA, and received five months of maternity leave, generating some criticism and ridicule from her peers, who believe that she is on vacation. To shut our mouths and show that he is not in a relaxed time, he made a series of videos that went viral in TikTok.

In these clips that are circulating in the social networks, she explains all the tasks that she must carry out with her baby (feeding, cleaning, etc.) and the time that, on average, each one of them takes. She was even encouraged to prepare some interactive graphics so that they would realize that being a mother is not a game.

Before long, the video posted on her husband’s account, Michael DiBenigno, exceeded two million views and a large number of users supported and showed their admiration for Kristen for the work she does through comments congratulating her.

In statements with the program , the woman detailed even more about the time she spends as a mother with her baby. “Objectively, that’s a lot, and each data point took time, from five minutes for a diaper change to 30 minutes for a feeding, on average. All this happens 24 hours a day “, reported.

Because in USA Only a small percentage of private sector workers have this type of paid leave, Cuneo confessed to feeling very grateful for the time she has received. Similarly, she claimed to be satisfied that her video viral have served other people.

“I feel fortunate to have received a generous five months of leave to share with my baby. In addition, I am very happy that all the videos I made have helped other more people “Kristen Cuneo said.

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