Woman removes teeth and posts video on Twitter

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The dentist Ana Victoria was the protagonist of a video viral on Twitter when she decided to record herself while removing her teeth. This story did not take long to become widespread in this social network, generating all kinds of criticism.

And it is that this video has caused a lot of surprise among the users of this virtual platform that began with the description that it left Ana Victoria in the post: “The higjlight of my week was extracting my third molars alone”.

However, which for many represents a lot of nervousness and fear of tooth extraction, not for this dentist, because she did it without flinching, without showing pain in the face of this outpatient intervention. It is unknown if the woman used any type of anesthesia.

In fact, users of Twitter They were shocked because the dentist shows no signs that the extraction is causing her any suffering, in fact, it gives the impression that it was a routine procedure.

In fact, not a few people are doubting the veracity of the videoThey argue that the dentist did not show signs of pain, and there were also no traces of bleeding at any time.

After reading these comments, Ana Victoria He decided to answer his followers, stating that everything seen in the images is totally true.

“I have no more hands to stop the ejector, retract and grab the forcep”, “It is not always excessive bleeding, the extraction was not traumatic and there was not so much blood”, he expressed.

So far, the video of molar extraction from the dentist Ana Victoria It is close to the 690 thousand views on Twitter.

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