Woman Sells Her Newborn Baby to Pay for $3,600 Nose Operation

A Russian woman was arrested after selling her newborn baby to pay for a $3,600 rhinoplasty.

The 33-year-old woman, whose name has not been revealed by Russian media, was arrested in late May on suspicion of human trafficking, the Daily Star reported today.

According to Russian authorities, the mother gave birth to a baby on April 25 at a hospital in the southern city of Kaspiysk, before selling it just five days later to a local couple seeking to become parents.

According to a statement from Russian officials obtained by¬†Newsflash, the ruthless mother met “with a local resident and agreed to hand over her newborn son, who was helpless, for a reward of 200,000 rubles, that is, about $3,200 dollars.”

On the day he handed over the child, he allegedly issued the new parents with a “waiver of the child’s rights.” In return, he received a small upfront payment of $360.

Less than four weeks later, on May 26, the woman is believed to have received the rest of the cash, but police received a tip shortly thereafter.

It’s unclear who contacted police, but she was quickly taken into custody along with the couple who illegally adopted the newborn child.

The new parents allegedly told investigators that the woman gave them the baby and her birth certificate, but denied paying directly for the baby. They said the mother subsequently asked for $3,200 for the cost of a nose operation to “breathe better” and were happy to please.

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