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Woman Stages Silly “Cowchella” for Enchanted Bovine Audience

William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage.” One woman clearly took that message to heart when she stopped by a field of cows and started singing for them! Influencer Morgan Tyner is sharing this clip with her followers as a brilliant example of how not to take things too seriously. We’re loving this reminder that life is supposed to be fun!

In this hilarious video, a massive herd of cows was absolutely enraptured by a woman singing for them. Although she couldn’t help giggling a little bit at the silly situation, she still put everything she had into the performance. She even pretended to be holding a microphone!

At one point, she held out the “mic” and told the cows to join in. That’s when she finally broke down laughing. Overall, it seems like she had the best time singing for these cows. The animals also seemed to like listening to the music!

“POV: bringing more play & goofiness into your life and not taking it too seriously,” read the text overlay in the video.

Viewers were delighted by this funny clip. As you’d expect, the comments section was absolutely overrun by cow puns. We’re not even mad about it!

“Coachella ✖️ Cowchella ✔️,” wrote one user.

“Their own private cowcert!” added another. “They loved it!”

A third joked, “She’s finally getting herd!”
Screengrab from Instagram

In all seriousness, though, these cows probably did enjoy hearing this woman singing for them. It’s been demonstrably proven more than once that cows love listening to music! For example, this herd of cattle was thrilled by an 11-year-old’s flute concert. Meanwhile, this man has amused a variety of four-legged audience members, including cows, with his handpan drum skills.

Music is such a wonderful way to connect with others, whether that’s in a sold-out stadium or a grassy field!

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