Woman takes over TikTok after cleaning “the dirtiest house in Europe” for free: see the before and after

Woman takes over TikTok after cleaning “the dirtiest house in Europe” for free: see the before and after

In the social networks, an influencer is telling the time. We refer to Auri Kananen (), who seized TikTok after cleaning the “dirtiest house in Europe” for free. The Finnish-born woman accumulates 5.2 million followers and each video unleash thousands of reactions.

Auri Kananen, lives in the city of Tampere, in the south of the Scandinavian country, is 28 years old and became popular in the networks for revealing cleaning techniques. Through TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, the young woman teaches how she transforms low-income homes that have not been fixed in a long time.

“I do it for free for those who need it most. I like doing volunteer work of various kinds and cleaning is one of them. I am happy to be able to use my talents to help other people ”, Kananen noted in one of his posts.

Now, Auri Kananen bought a flight to Switzerland and, in the company of her boyfriend, faced the almost daunting task of cleaning the “Dirtiest house in Europe”. According to the tiktoker, this home belongs to an owner with depression and financial problems. Upon learning of her complicated situation, the Finn contacted her to help her.

“The owner of the apartment is a woman in her early twenties. His childhood was normal. She studied at the university and in 2014 she was fired from her job and that is when her decline began. Eventually he became depressed. Day after day, her depression got worse, as did her home. He kept it a secret for years. Not even his family knew what was happening to him, something very sad. Every time someone wanted to go home, they found an excuse for that not happening ”, claimed the ‘Queen of Cleanliness’.

Months passed and the owner ended up being hospitalized. “Her mother found out about her illness and told her that she was lazy because of the deterioration of the house. The owner said that, many times, people do not understand these situations “, Kananen recounted in a YouTube recording.

In that sense, the cleaning expert added that “Once his apartment became uninhabitable, he moved to his brother’s house and little by little he began to direct his life. She found a new place to live, although she was still desperate to fix her old one. “

Fortunately, Auri Kananen finished the job, the owner got excited and handed her a letter. “Millions of thanks. They (Kananen and his partner) saved my life. I will be forever grateful ”, indicates the text.

For his part, Kananen specified that “Cleaning it would have cost him $ 13,000, but I did it for free.” To date, the video is already viral and has accumulated more than 9 million views on TikTok.

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