Woman: the story behind the creation of Sirin, according to Seray Kaya

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The Turkish soap opera “Woman”Has become one of the most viewed in Spain. The story of ‘Bahar’, a young woman who is left a widow with two small children after the death of her husband in an accident, has moved thousands of people.

Although the character of ‘Bahar’ is one of the most beloved in history, it could be said that the most hated is that of ‘Sirin’, sister of the protagonist and who maintained a loving relationship with her late husband.

Seray Kaya who plays ‘Sirin’ en telenovela turca “Kadin”, original name of the production, provided details of his character in an interview for the Spanish magazine .

At 30, the Turkish actress Seray Kaya, who gives life to ‘Sirin’ in “Woman”She feels grateful for everything she has achieved so far, although her character tends to provoke bad comments, she feels very good.

“Even my friends told me that they hated me, and they asked me what I had done with good old Seray. That made me feel great “, expressed the actress.

When she was offered to work on the novel, she did not hesitate for a second because she was immediately attracted to the personality of ‘Sirin’, although his behavior is totally different from hers.

On the other hand, the young actress revealed that in 2012 she wrote a story for a short film about a schizoid girl, which took a lot of research work, but the project did not come out. She thought her effort was wasted, but in the end her ‘Sirin’ character was waiting for her.

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“In 2012 I wrote a story for a short film about a schizoid girl, which took me a lot of research work, I read and watched many films on the subject, I spoke with doctors… The project did not come out and I regretted that my effort was wasted. It wasn’t like that, Sirin was waiting for me and I finally fulfilled my dream “said Seray Kaya.

One of the physical characteristics of ‘Sirin’ that most attracts the attention of the public is his curly hair. Anyone who sees the novel would think that it is the actress’s natural hair; However, Seray revealed that her hair is straight.

“My hair is straight but one day, during pre-shoot rehearsals, I performed with the curly one and the director, Merve Girgin, liked it. Curiously, when Sirin began to straighten it for me, it was harder for me to interpret it “, detailed the Turkish actress.

Seray Kaya realized her passion for acting when she started working for a hairdresser at age 14. There she made up artists and, although she loved what she did, she noticed that her love for acting was greater. That is why on the weekends he attended acting courses and performed at auditions. She was like this for two years until she was hired on the series Huzur Sokagi, in 2012, and she had to quit her job.

Article source: https://mag.elcomercio.pe/

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