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“Woman”: this is how Özge Özpirinçci looks a few months before receiving her first daughter – MAG.

How was the pregnancy of Ozge Ozpirincci? The remembered Bahar from “Woman” (“Kadin” in her original language) is a short time away from becoming a mother. The actress published, for the first time, a photograph of her pregnancy and a message that summarizes the emotional state that the arrival of her first daughter implies. The protagonist of Turkish soap operas, such as “Love at Second Sight” with Buğra Gülsoy (Demir, “My daughter”), lives a long-awaited moment with her partner Burak Yamantürk.

Ozge and Burak They have been together for seven years and, in June 2021, they told their fans that they will become parents. Both are actors and have stood out in various television productions. Due to their status as media people, they decided to briefly comment on what they were experiencing.

Özpirinçci He was the one who expanded more on his new stage. She has stated that she prefers to live her maternity full-time, so you’ve decided to put your successful carrera for a couple of years.

I’m 13 weeks old, not 9. Thank you very much to everyone who shared our happiness and excitement! ”, he said when announcing his pregnancy. While, on his break from the cameras, noted in “Hurryet” that “I have had to establish a point where I can stay a year or two out of my career because I have become very saturated”.

Özge Özpirinçci is 35 years old and is about to become a mother for the first time, together with her partner Burak Yamanturk. The protagonist of “Mujer”, when giving life to Bahar, surprised her followers with a photograph of your pregnancy. In the snapshot he is underwater and with a pronounced belly.

In addition, the actress has written a single word in her publication of Instagram to summarize what you are experiencing during your stage of gestation, on the verge of having her first daughter. “Euonia” it’s the word greek, between hearts, which accompanies the much commented photo. Its meaning is “beautiful thought“, Although it can also be understood as”calm state”.

This is how you find the turkish actress, who became world famous for her starring role in “Woman”. His career of Business Administration, what he studied in college, took a total turn when he had the opportunity to be part of a television show, what arose from being the image of an advertisement in 2008.

The actress Özge Özpirinçci has said, in an interview with the aforementioned magazine, that she still does not have a name for her baby, but that, in all these months, the name of Grape, whose meaning is grape In turkish.

“Everybody keeps telling me ‘don’t do this to your daughter Özge’, but I think it’s a good name. Also, Üzüm Yamantürk sounds good ”, said in an interview to “Hürryet”. Although he did not say it directly, apparently his partner Burak is not very encouraged by that name for your daughter.

I definitely got a negative vote for this name. I think I will secretly call my daughter Üzum “, Öze commented, in a funny way, for the aforementioned publication. Will the Turkish artist prevail when naming her little girl?

The Turkish soap opera “Woman” (“Woman”), que dio fama mundial a Özge Özpirinçci, cuenta Bahar’s story, a woman who has had great losses in her life and who must overcome all kinds of obstacles to protect her children Nisan and Doruk, played by Kubra Suzgun and Ali Semi Miserable, respectively. The past and the constant revelations will be the keys to the intrigue of this story of strength.

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