“Woman”: why Özge Özpirinçci does not want her daughter to be born under the sign of the scorpion

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One of the most prominent actresses of recent years is Ozge Ozpirincci, whose popularity increased when he played the character of Bahar Çesmeli in the telenovela “Woman”(“ Kadin ”, in its original language). Currently, she is enjoying the last months of her pregnancy alongside her husband Burak Yamanturk.

In September 2021 the actress Ozge Ozpirincci She published for the first time on her Instagram a photograph of her advanced state of pregnancy (6 months). Given this, her thousands of fans and followers sent her many positive comments, congratulating her on her daughter.

It is worth mentioning that the telenovela “Woman”Can be considered as a story of overcoming and strength in the face of daily challenges, of sacrifice for the people we love, of friendship and help.

On “Woman”, Spring Fountain She avoids at all costs that her children suffer from the things that happen to her, since she knows very well they are not the cause of these problems.

After passing through that production Ozge Ozpirincci She is very dedicated to taking care of her health for the sake of her daughter.

The popular Turkish actress, star of “Woman” and “Love at second sight”(“ Aşk Yeniden ”), at the time, she confessed to Hürryet magazine that they had to talk a lot with her husband, Burak Yamanturk, to agree on the name of his firstborn.

Now a few weeks after becoming a mother, the remembered Bahar continues to surprise her thousands of fans and followers because she has expressed a very curious fact regarding her daughter’s date of birth and the signs of the zodiac.

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What is it about? The actress Ozge Ozpirincci She was invited to the YouTube channel of Aslıhan Doğan Turan where she indicated that together with her friend Berrak Tuzunatac they prayed that their daughter is not of the sign of scorpio.

We join hands and pray with Berrak Tüzünataç that there is no sign of ‘Scorpio’. I love the Scorpio woman; however, a sign that can do itself great harm. There are many dark places. I want spring“Said the actress.

Another thing that also caught the attention of fans of Ozge Ozpirincci It was when she mentioned that since the beginning of her pregnancy she liked the name Uzum for her daughter, which translated into Spanish is “Grape”.

She explained why this name was very attractive to her. “When I got pregnant, I installed an app on my phone. There he said, ‘Your baby is now the size of a grape.’ At that time, I wanted my daughter to be called Uzum. It is also compatible with his father’s surname (Burak Yamantürk) “, he assured.

She also stressed that she discarded that name because her husband did not want to.

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