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Woman's Stunning "Landslide" Cover Would Make Stevie Nicks Proud

Woman’s Stunning “Landslide” Cover Would Make Stevie Nicks Proud

There are some songs that will simply never get old. This includes, of course, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. This heart-wrenching, beautiful song is all about navigating inevitable changes in life, making it the perfect song for so many people to understand deeply. Since it was first released in 1974, countless other iconic singers have put their own spin on it. While few can compare to Stevie Nicks herself, Katie Greenberg’s cover of Landslide is worth taking the time to enjoy.

This budding musician has covered many songs on her social media accounts. That being said, her stunning rendition of Landslide might be one of her best yet. In covering this song, Katie is able to showcase the beauty of her lower register. As a result, there’s something wonderfully haunting about her version — and fans of Nicks are absolutely loving it! Watch Katie sing for yourself in the video below.

“I (and everyone else) have sung this 1000000 times,” Katie writes in the caption of her post, “but it always feels newly relevant, and I won’t stop singing it.”

It’s clear that Katie absolutely adores performing this iconic song. Considering just how everyone is absolutely loving her version of it, this truly is a win for us all! Plus, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nicks herself would be very proud of Katie.

“I could not love this more. So perfect and balanced and not over the top. I love it so much!” one fan shares in the comments, with another adding, “I’ve heard probably every cover and this [one is] the best.”

“Your voice is such a calming force,” someone else shares. “Thanks for sharing it to the world.”