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“Women in command”: Thaís Casalino cries and refuses to continue competing in a challenge inspired by “The Squid Game” What happened to him? – MAG.

“The CalaMAM Games” of the “Women in Command” program went to the final stretch. The competition inspired by the hit Netflix series, “The Squid Game,” again sparked between Thais Casalino and Giovanna Valcárcel.

After the edition of this Thursday, October 14, Thaís broke down in tears after ending up with several injuries to his body at the end of the “Extreme Box” challenge, a game in which a winner was not precisely defined.

“I got hit bad. I got hit awful in the game. For me it is very strong, I did not think it was really like that “the host of Latina’s entertainment space lamented through tears.

He also said that he asked the production of the program to remove this game from the competition after considering that it is too aggressive, and that it also did not have the defined rules.

For her part, Maricarmen Marín supported her partner and denied that she is victimizing herself. As specified in today’s program, she saw the bruises that Thaís Casalino had on his knees.

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