Wonder Woman 3 would only be filmed in 2023

Wonder Woman debuted in the DC Extended Universe and it became a mass phenomenon that catapulted its protagonist, Gal Gadot, to a popularity previously unthinkable. In this way, the character appeared on two occasions within his franchise added to the different versions of Justice League that launched the brand. Audiences around the world can’t wait for the third installment of the character.

One of the keys to Diana Prince’s success in the cinema is the director of both entries in the franchise: Patty Jenkins. Thinking back to the third movie, the filmmaker was working on different projects that were going to keep her schedule quite busy. We are talking about the spin off of Star Wars, Rogue Squadron, which tells the story of a group of rebel pilots who face the Empire and the film Cleopatra, also starring Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman 3 se retrasa

In the case of Rogue Squadron, Lucasfilm decided to put a stop to that project due to creative differences with Jenkins. This means more time on the principal’s schedule! But the news does not end there, because he will not continue working as responsible for Cleopatra, where she will be linked to the film as a producer.

Unfortunately the filming of Wonder Woman 3 it will have to wait until 2023, but not because of scheduling problems with its director. Actually the one with other responsibilities is Gal Gadot. It is planned that next year the interpreter will record her scenes as the Evil Queen in the live action film of Disney, Snow White. A project that maintains Gadot’s professional career with an interesting “diversity”.

Insider Justin Kroll shared online: One thing regarding Patty, while sources say Jenkins is expected to focus on developing Wonder Woman 3 now that she is not directing Cleopatra, filming for WW3 is not expected to begin until 2023 at the earliest. given Gadot’s busy 2022 shooting schedule that includes Snow White. “

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