Wonder Woman hints at her appearance in The Flash: "no trailer in DC FanDome, but there will be a surprise “

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The Flash, one of the most anticipated films of DC due to its marked flavor of a crossover event with several Batman, the new Supergirl and many more surprises, it could welcome another character from the DCEU whose possible involvement is still unknown. It’s about the Wonder Woman from Gal Gadot, whose appearance in the film could be closer to occurring. So much so, that the actress has published a photograph of Sasha street (Supergirl) next to an image of the character, something that has triggered the rumor mill. On the other hand, the film’s producer, Barbara Muschietti, has confirmed that there will be no trailer of The Flash in the next issue of DC FanDome, although there will be a “surprise“: Maybe the confirmation of Wonder Woman?

Big surprise from The Flash at the DC FanDome

Thus, Gadot has published a photo on his official Instagram account in which the actress Sasha Calle appears next to a life-size image of Wonder Woman, both with The Flash production cap and the message “Me and my super friends.” In the same story, Sasha Calle has published “This is me keeping calm.” Although this image and comments do not confirm anything, they have triggered rumors about the possible participation of Wonder Woman in The Flash, something that was already talked about a few months ago when seeing fictitious advertising of the amazon on the set of the film.

On the other hand, the producer of the film Barbara Muschietti, has confirmed through social networks that there will be no trailer for The Flash in the next edition of the event DC FanDome mid-October, as production is still underway and it is too early; even so, it has announced that there will be some kind of surprise related to the film. “Trailer no, but surprise in DC FanDome,” the producer recently wrote through his Instagram account. Maybe it will be the Wonder Woman ad in The Flash? We will have to wait until October 16 to find out.

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