Worker paid debt with the coins he received as a tip: “It is to be admired”

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On Facebook surprises her viral story of a Mexican worker who, after various efforts, kept his word and paid a debt of 1,500 pesos, approximately $ 68, with the coins he received as tips in recent months.

According to Lupita Santos’ account, a packer from a store in Nuevo Laredo, a city located in the state of Tamaulipas, requested a loan from her. The low-income person promised to give him the money in “eight months”.

“This is to be admired. Today, 8 months ago a person borrowed 1,500 pesos from me, he is low-income and now works as a ‘little match’, so that they understand, and he told me: ‘Lend them to me, I’ll pay you in 8 months’ “, Lupita pointed out in her social network account.

When the agreed date arrived, the ‘cerillito’, as the packers are known in Mexico, showed up at Lupita’s house to return the borrowed money. However, the woman was surprised by one detail: the admirable man’s form of payment.

“I no longer remembered, he came very early and paid me the 1,500, like that, with pure little coins. I wanted to cry because there are still people who really value what a loan is “, added Lupita Santos, who attached the photographs of the coins.

The story, published on November 27, did not go unnoticed on social media. More than one netizen highlighted the “qualities as a person” of the worker. The post already accumulates more than 19 thousand shares.

“That is valued even if it is not a loan. Very good for that person “; “God bless that person”; “That is to be an honest person and above all responsible”; “When the desire to pay is sincere, it does not matter how they make the payment”, it is read between the comments.

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