Works council chairman of Daimler Truck wants own battery production like the car division

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If the head of the General Works Council, Michael Brecht, has its way, the truck and bus manufacturer Daimler Truck has to develop and manufacture important components for the electric drive itself. The aim is to keep employment at the locations as high as possible and to be able to deliver key parts in the long term. In the case of CO₂-free drive technology, the manufacturer must have a similar level of in-house production as the conventional internal combustion engine, the general works council announced today.

Daimler Truck with a good 100,000 employees was spun off from Daimler in December and is now independent. In the transition from combustion engines to new drives, the group relies on batteries and fuel cells. In 2030, trucks with these drives together could account for up to 60 percent of sales, said CEO Martin Daum.

“In terms of transformation, the commercial vehicle industry is certainly a few years behind the development of passenger cars,” said Brecht, according to a press release. “It is important that the transformation not only fulfills the interests of shareholders and investors, but also that a story emerges for the employees.”

From 2024, Daimler’s car brand Mercedes-Benz intends to produce the electric drivetrain for upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQ models based on the MMA and MB.EA platforms entirely in-house.


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