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World Bald Day: how to take care of your scalp

This October 7 marks the World Bald Day, a day to proudly celebrate the proud and shiny scalps in sight, but also to remember each and every one of the fallen hair, whom lost their vital keratin between the tines of the comb or brush, those who disappeared down the drain of the shower, those who were trapped between the hinges of the lens temples, those who fell asleep peacefully on the cover of the pillow and never woke up, those who never grew … To all of them, have a good trip.

During the last decades, it has changed significantly the social perception of baldness. Whereas in the 20th century it was seen as something weird and trying to hide under wigs and hats, today, a shaved skull is a very distinctive mark of the new masculinity That is unapologetic, especially when combined with a striking beard.

If you think that showing off a shaved head does not require any kind of attention, you are very wrong. Scalp it is composed of a thin and fragile skin, and soft tissues full of blood vessels that are used to the hair protecting them from external aggressions.

Because of this, when eliminating your first line of defense, different problems can arise that change according to the season of the year. In the colder months, it usually become dehydrated, causing flaking and dandruff. On the contrary, high temperatures cause an increase in sebum production, which reflects an oily and very shiny skull.

To show off a head similar to that of Bruce Willis, it is vitally important to respect a routine similar to that of the skin, and that includes cleansing, hydration and protection. You can use the same products that are applied to the face, as long as don’t have alcohol, since it is an element that can cause dryness, irritation and itching.

A shaved head requires a lot of treatment, as the remaining hair continues to grow. The day you decide to peel, remove dead cells and excess sebum sooner with a scrub.

If you are thinking of looking like Zidane, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, and you still have doubts, maybe you should read “In praise of baldness”, written by the Greek philosopher Sinesius of Cyrene 1,500 years ago.

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