World Bank Closes Office Due to Serious Situation in Haiti

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The World Bank (WB) announced on Wednesday that it temporarily closes its office in Haiti, given the serious situation in the face of the serious situation.

“Due to the acute humanitarian and security crisis caused by the blockade of the Varreux oil terminal that has led to the paralysis of the country, the staff of the office in Haiti has been evacuated outside the country,” the World Bank said in a statement.

It details that the closure is temporary, for a period of thirty days, starting on October 14.

During this time, Laurent Msellati will continue to remotely assume his duties as World Bank Chief of Operations in Haiti.

The WB team in this country, says the institution, “has organized itself to continue with the execution of its program.”

Haiti is immersed in a serious socio-political and economic crisis, in addition to the violence of armed gangs and the blockade of fuel, which keeps the country paralyzed.

Added to this are the population’s difficulties in having drinking water, something especially worrying given the resurgence of cholera in Haiti.

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