World Beer Day: Which country consumes it the most?

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World Beer Day: Which country consumes it the most?

The first Friday of August is celebrated on International Day of Beer, in order to render tribute this alcoholic beverage characterized by its bitter taste, which provokes passions in almost every corner of the Earth.

The beginnings of this party go back to 2007, when friends Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki Y Richard Hernandez in a small bar located in the city of Santa Cruz in California, they came up with the idea of celebrate a meeting whose axis was this fermented drink made from cereals, and composed of 4 fundamental ingredients: barley, yeast, water and hops. For it they proposed the August 5.

To everyone’s surprise, the initiative of these young friends spread throughout the world, and the date was standardized as the select one to celebrate beer worldwide. The celebration drew so much attention that it is currently celebrated in 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents. And everything is due to the beer passion of both its creators, as well as those who enjoy it.

Given the popularity of the celebration, in 2012 the date adjusted al first friday in august for easy organization. However, depending on the country, the Beer Day may vary. For example, in Germany the April 23rd, while in the United States, they celebrate National Beer Day on 5th of April.

The purpose of this day is to meet friends and enjoy the delight that is beer. Also celebrate the men and women who prepare and serve it. And of course, pay tribute to him as symbol of union between all nations, each with its own beer culture.

Which are the countries that spend the most and consume the most beer?

Germany tops the list of countries that spend the most on beer, With almost € 1,700 of annual spending per capita, maintaining its strong beer culture for centuries. Follows very closely Poland, which spends € 1,480 per capita. Meanwhile, The US ranks eighth in the world with € 1,322, although it is also the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. In Spain they spend € 972 per person per year.

Regarding beer consumption, Czech Republic appears at the top, with no more and no less than 468 beers per head on average per year, which is equivalent to 1.3 per day. Spain and Germany follow with 417 and 411 beers, respectively.

The data is the results that the World Beer Index 2021, O World Beer Index 2021, a sort of ranking of prices, consumption and spending on the beverage relieved in 58 countries by Expensivity, a consumer, business and finance portal.

The survey averaged the price in dollars of 330-milliliter bottles of international brands “Well known”, like the Dutch Heineken and the mexican Corona, in supermarkets and in hotel chain bars in capitals or major cities through telephone surveys, online menu survey and information from Numbeo, an international database founded by a former Google engineer.

While, Argentina appeared on the list third for having the cheapest beer in the world, although it appears relatively behind in beer consumption and spending.

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