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World Dog Day: Why is it celebrated on July 21?

Since 2004, every July 21 the World Dog Day with the aim of honoring this four-legged animal, better known as “Man’s Best Friend”. However, this day, it’s not just to celebrate and celebrate their day, it was also installed in order to raise awareness about the immense number of dogs that are abandoned and they are waiting for a family that wants to adopt them.

Currently, there are more than 300 million dogs in the world, of which, According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 70% are homeless.

It should be noted that July 21 is not the only date that celebrate canines. There are other commemorations such as the International Street Dog Day, on July 27, and whose purpose is also to become aware of animal abandonment. On other dates such as May 28, the Day of the Dog Without Breed; on September 23 the Adopted Dog Day; on December 6 the Working Dog Day; and there is even the Take the Dog to the Office Day, initiative of the United Kingdom in 1996 and which is given every June 22.

In Argentina, on June 2, the “National Dog Day” is commemorated

There are many reasons to celebrate the day of the Dog. In Argentina, for example, it is commemorated every June 2 in tribute to Chionino, a dog Police of the German Shepherd breed than in 1983 died in the line of duty while defending his partner and guardian in a violent shootout. Five days later they arrested the thieves thanks to the identity documents that Chionino he extracted them before he passed away.

Currently the remains of Chonino rest in the Circle of the Argentine Federal Police and those of your guide Luis Alberto Siberto, died 25 years after the unfortunate event, on December 13, 2007, in the Chacarita Cemetery.

In his memory, at the request of the journalist and writer Cora Cané, from 1996 the June 2nd is commemorated in Argentina As the “National Dog Day”.

In addition, other tributes are paid to him: on the premises of the Mounted Police they raised a bronze statue in his memory; Every year the Dogs Division of the Argentine Federal Police pays tribute to Chonino and extends it to all the dogs of the force.

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