World of Warcraft continues to remove references to stalkers who were part of Activision Blizzard

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We were not exaggerating when we said that the case of the complaint against Activision Blizzard was not going to be a topic that would be so easily forgotten. We’ve updated with news since it was officially announced that California filed a sexual harassment and employment inequality complaint against Activision Blizzard. The last we learned is that the complaint was updated, adding temporary workers and accusing the Human Resources Department of destroying documents relevant to the investigation.

Meanwhile, Overwatch developers announced that the name of the character McCree would be changed because it refers to one of the reported stalkers, Jesse McCree. Well, this continues to happen in World of Warcraft, a video game that has numerous references to company workers. Version 9.1.5 of the video game will arrive in the next few days and will continue to remove these references.

According to statements offered to the medium PC Gamer (via Comicbook), “in-game references to Jesse McCree, Luis Barriga, and Jon LeCraft will be removed from World of WarcraftNothing has been said about the new names for the Overwatch and World of Warcraft characters, though the company has made it clear that it is over with naming the characters of its workers.

The case is extensive and a lot of digital ink has been spilled on it. If you want to get up to date with all the information, you can do so in the dedicated section of our website HERE. Things are certainly not looking good for Activision Blizzard, especially for Blizzard, which has lost the trust of many fans and much of the video game industry.

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