World of Warcraft will remove inappropriate references in WoW and WoW Classic

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While Activision Blizzard was awash with allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination last week, World of Warcraft’s dev team also issued a statement on Twitter, saying it will remove inappropriate references from both WoW and WoW Classic.

This is also the first tweet posted on the account since the lawsuit was filed.

In the statement released by the World of Warcraft team, the developers stated that there are steps they can take quickly for themselves while taking steps to improve studio working conditions.

This is to “remove references that would not be considered appropriate in the game’s world”. The developers have started working, we can see changes in both Shadowlands and WoW Classic soon.

While the WoW team hasn’t specified any specific changes, there are references to some of the developers and team members in WoW. Some of these members are mentioned in a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Workplace Justice and Housing (CDFEH).

For example, one of the prominent figures in the case is Alex Afrasiabi, who was the creative director of World of Warcraft. According to the files, he treated female employees so inappropriately that he was nicknamed the “Crosby Suite” in the office. Which is a reference to Bill Cosby.

Afrasiabi is seen as an NPC in WoW, ismi de “Field Marshal Afrasiabi.”

Last week, CDFEH sued Activision Blizzard for creating a sexually abusive and disadvantageous work environment for women and other marginalized identities. Activision Blizzard made multiple statements, and in one of these statements, it claimed that the indictment “distorted the truth.”

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In response, more than 2,000 employees published an open letter and condemned the comments. Blizzard employees will hold a walkout today.

Former executives Mike Morhaime and Chris Metze also apologized to everyone for letting employees down during their term.

By Matt TM Kim.

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