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World Pain Day: why this day, why I have it and how to alleviate it

This October 17th the world pain day, which collects those ailments that arise from various diseases and that reduce the quality of life of those who suffer from it. For this reason, this day allows awareness to lay the foundations for research and prevention.

According to the SED; Spanish Society of Pain, this conference takes place because the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) launched in 2004 the initiative of the Global Year Against Pain, with the theme “Pain relief should be a human right.”

Goals of this day

It was born with the objective of sensitizing everyone about the need to put in place the necessary resources to support research, diagnosis and treatment of pain at a universal level. Furthermore, the WHO is attentive to this and establishes that the Chronic pain is a disease and its treatment, a human right.

Who is affected the most by pain?

We are all susceptible to suffering from an ailment as a result of a disease that can also become chronic.

Salud de Castilla y León reveals that when we speak of pain we refer to an unpleasant sensation, with acemotional component triggered by the nervous system. It can be acute or chronic

The prevalence of chronic pain is very high. It is perceived as a loss of quality of life, especially by women, who double the percentage compared to men. The prevalence in Europe stands at 19%, about 75 million people, and in Spain the figure reaches 9 million.

Why i have pain

The SED announces, on World Pain Day, that chronic pain is the consequence of a change or persistent disease in the tissues, such as arthritis, but other times it is the consequence of an alteration or change in the heart system itself. alarm.

There is no clear cause, because there are different reasons why it arises, in some cases they are consequence of nerve pain, such as diabetes or herpes. Surgery of the breast or chest area, or the amputation of a limb can also leave pain similar to a persistent burning sensation or electric shocks.

Pain treatment

Well, it depends on each case, because in some, it cannot be treated. In general, this happens through medication, through injections, through the electrical stimulation, rehabilitation, pain management programs, or applying other methods such as X-ray or CT-guided needles, which perform a partial, temporary or permanent interruption of the nerve that carries the pain.

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