World War II veteran and the encounter with a woman who wrote him an emotional letter 12 years ago is moving

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A moving event occurred in Ohio, United States, after a World War II veteran, Frank Grasberger, 95, met with the woman who as a child wrote him an emotional letter that now everyone knows on the networks. The video viral It was published on different social networks, because it shows the reaction of both people, but it caught the attention of the old man who could not get out of his astonishment because he believed that he would never meet her.

The man we are talking about is currently 95 years old and lives in Strongsville, Ohio (United States). According to the information provided by , in 2009 he received a letter from a third grader thanking him for his service.

“Dear veteran of World War II. Thank you for saving us from Hitler. If it weren’t for you, we would never have freedom. You made freedom for us. You sacrificed your life. I’m happy you made that sacrifice. Your friend, Dashauna Priest “, it is read in the letter that the aforementioned source released.

Those words meant a lot to Frank Grasberger, who for 12 years considered the letter his most valuable treasure. “I would never be without him”, Held. “Because it’s something someone thought of me so much about”, he added in dialogue with CBS News.

The World War II veteran wanted to find the author of the letter. The staff of the residence where he lives, upon learning of this, decided to investigate the matter and managed to locate Dashuana Priest, who is now 21 years old.

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She recalled that she wrote the letter as part of a school assignment and that it was an honor to have it done. Wearing her National Guard uniform, the woman visited Frank Grasberger. “You are not the girl”, said the man at the beginning, according to the video shared in TikTok on the account because he did not believe that she was really the author of the letter that made him so happy.

In the clip published on August 27 of this year, it is appreciated that she, in addition to giving him a bouquet of roses, gave him the letter that he and his wife Delores sent to their school years ago as a thank you for the gesture. All in order to show him that he really was Dashauna Priest. “Don’t make me cry, please”, the veteran of World War II declared later.

Realizing that he really was the person he was looking for so much, he expressed: “Oh, I love you so much. This is absolutely amazing. Then he added that “Some miracles happen”. Frank Grasberger’s viral story is already circulating on various social networks.

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