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“Would you mind?”: An airline passenger unleashes outrage on the Internet for a photo of her long hair hanging loose on the folding table of another traveler

An airline passenger has unleashed a wave of outrage on the Internet after a Twitter user, nicknamed ‘Anthony’, shared a photo on Wednesday showing the woman’s long hair loose on the folding table of another traveler.

“Would this bother you?” Asked the Internet user along with the image, which quickly went viral, obtaining more than 28,000 ‘likes’ and more than 15,000 comments. It is unknown when and during which flight the snapshot was taken.

Multiple users criticized the passenger and some even proposed some ideas so that the other traveler can regain access to their folding table.

“I would calmly lower the tray, let her hair fall inside and close it again. Yes. I would get pissed off and tell her to leave it in her seat. If she gets angry, I would offer to cut it off.” wrote one. “I would braid it”, He suggested other.

Meanwhile, some netizens shared their experiences of flights in which they traveled with people with long hair. “It happened to me a few years ago on a 99% empty Southwest Airlines flight (I sat down first) and she sat right in front of me, she could have chosen any of the more than a hundred empty seats,” said one user.

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