Wounds of Eventide, the latest free expansion for Blasphemous, comes to consoles and PC

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Wounds of Eventide, the third and last expansion of the Spanish metroidvania Blasphemous, is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This has been announced since Team17 Y The Game Kitchen, sharing a new trailer and detailing all the news of this new free DLC that will serve to give rise to the already announced sequel to Blasphemous, which will arrive sometime in 2023.

New levels, bosses and secrets

Thus, this new downloadable content from Blasphemous adds numerous new features to the base game after the arrival of the two previous expansions, also free. So much so, that Wounds of Eventide introduces new levels, new enemies and powerful final bosses and a handful of secrets and challenges to discover as the true ending of Blasphemous.

Yes, Wounds of Eventide will tell us the first chapter of the history of The Penitent One, all this to introduce the events that will make up the basis for sequel, as a bridge between Blasphemous and the second part, still without a confirmed title and release date beyond the year 2023.

Recall that the first great Blasphemous DLC, Stir of Dawn, added the New Game + mode, more enemies and bosses and a new difficulty mode; for his part, Strife and Ruin, the second free DLC, added Miriam from Bloodstained, an 8-bit demake and a new game mode.

To celebrate the arrival of Wounds of Eventide, Blasphemos is available on Steam for just 5,50 euros (which represents a 75% discount), yes, for a limited time. And from December 10 to 13 it will also remain on sale, although in this case it will cost 6,24 euros instead of the usual 24.99 euros, the price for which it is offered right now on other platforms.

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