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Wrap Sandals Make a Statement at the 2024 BET Awards Red Carpet

The 2024 BET Awards were a dazzling event, showcasing not just the brightest talents in entertainment but also some of the most daring and stylish fashion trends of the season. Held on Sunday night, the blue carpet saw a resurgence of wrap sandal heels, embraced by numerous attendees who made a strong fashion statement as they entered the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

Wrap sandal heels have recently made a significant comeback, and the 2024 BET Awards provided the perfect platform for celebrities to embrace this trend. These versatile heels can be styled in a variety of ways, from edgy and bold to classic and sophisticated. The appeal of wrap sandals lies in their ability to add dramatic flair to any outfit, making them a favorite on the red carpet for those looking to infuse their style with a personal touch. See below how various celebrities added their own spin to the footwear trend.

Rapper Flo Milli brought an edgy flair to the blue carpet, pairing an intricate lace ensemble with black wrap sandal heels. These heels, featuring multiple straps winding up the legs complemented the sultry and bold look. The addition of embellishments on the straps added a touch of sparkle.

Flo Milli attends the 2024 BET Awards

Singer Tinashe opted for a classic yet sophisticated look, wearing a crisp white mini dress with sheer sleeves. To complete the ensemble, the “Nasty” songstress chose white wrap sandal heels. The sandals featured a minimalist design with delicate straps wrapping around the ankles.

Tinashe attends the 2024 BET Awards

Model Taury Henson embraced the wrap sandal heel trend with a pair that extended just above her ankles. The white sandals, adorned with delicate jewels, perfectly complemented her suit dress, which featured billowing organza sleeves. The full look together created a monochromatic moment on the carpet.

Taurey Henson attends the 2024 BET Awards

Source: Particle News