Writer Almudena Grandes dies after fighting cancer for more than a year

Writer Almudena Grandes dies after fighting cancer for more than a year

The writer Almudena Grandes He has died at the age of 61 after revealing last October that he suffered from cancer. As reported, he had the disease for just over a year, when a routine check-up detected a malignant tumor. She announced it in her column, published in The weekly country. In it, he assured that, although he has had to write some “very complicated” articles throughout his life, none had been as complicated as that one.

According to the writer, she had good prognosisBut she did not want to break the news at the time it was detected because she needed time to “be quiet.”

Almudena Grandes was one of the most widely read writers in Spain. His first novel, The ages of Lulu, published in 1989, it brought him national fame after winning the La Sonrisa Vertical award. Since then it has always had the applause of readers and critics.

After The ages of Lulu, wrote seven more novels: I’ll call you friday, Malena is a tango name, Atlas of Human Geography, Rough Winds, Cardboard castles, The frozen heart and The kisses on the bread. In addition, he published the volumes of stories Women models and Way stations.

All these works, in addition to the columns in The weekly country, made them one of the most consolidated names and with the greatest international projection in contemporary Spanish literature. Several of his works have been taken to the cinema, beginning with the first, directed by Bigas Luna and which was already controversial because Angela Molina refused to star in it, considering it “porn.”

He has won, among others, the Lara Foundation Award, the Madrid Booksellers Award and the Seville Booksellers Award, the Rapallo Carige and the Prix Méditerranée. In 2010 he published Agnes and joy (Madrid Critics Award, the Elena Poniatowska Ibero-American Novel Award and the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award), the first title in the series Episodios de una Guerra Interminable, which was followed by The Jules Verne Reader (2012), Manolita’s three weddings (2014), Dr. García’s patients (2017; National Narrative Award) and Frankenstein’s mother (2020).

After knowing the news, the condolences have followed one another in the networks. Characters of culture and politics have wanted to express their regret for the news.

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