WWE star Booker T loses a lawsuit against Call of Duty for the alleged use of his image

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Activision has won a lawsuit filed by Booker T. Huffman, better known simply as Booker T, one of the best known stars in WWE history. This is a complaint that the fighter filed for the alleged use of his image to create one of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 characters, Prophet, without his consent.

Booker T, who is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, filed the copyright infringement lawsuit against Activision in 2019 following the publication of a poster of Prophet’s character, which he claimed was based on the image. of one of the posters where he appeared, which would imply the infringement of his rights. The information has been provided by the medium GameIndustry.biz.

On the left the poster starring Booker T and on the right an image of the character from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Image credits: Erwin Arroza

The jury in the case unanimously agreed that Activision did not infringe copyright. by Huffman on the GI Bro poster on June 24, according to official court records.

Based on this information, Activision argued that the pose and facial expression are not unique and exclusive to Booker T’s character.. Furthermore, Huffman commented in court that “he envisioned a character as his wrestling personality who was a retired special ops soldier, fighting an old enemy he thought had died years ago. “

Booker T also states that “there is no doubt“That the Prophet character from Black Ops 4 has been copied from GI Bro, copying his hair, body type, clothing, and facial expressions. It indicates there are similarities.”too deep to be accidentalAt this, Activision commented that Prophet was molded based on Dwayne Johnson from the neck down.

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Right or wrong, Activision, in this case, has won the lawsuit before Booker T.

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