Wyoming Craigslist: Everything To Know About It

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Wyoming Craigslist

What Does Wyoming Craigslist mean?

Wyoming Craigslist is an online platform that is an excellent source for finding various services in Wyoming, United States. Wyoming Craigslist is an American-based website devoted to multiple sectors of jobs, housing, items wanted, services, and discussion forums. 

The website was founded in 1996 by Graig Newmark. He began his work as an email distribution list to friends in 1995 and later found the website. The website was later extended to other cities in the U.S. in 2000, and it covers more than 70 countries. 

Origin Of The Website Wyoming Craigslist

The website’swebsite’s history started with founder Craig Newmark observing that people help, build social and friendly relationships, and trust each other using the Internet via MindVox, Usenet, and others. Craig started with the idea of creating local events. 

Craig started an email distribution list, and notices or messages about social events were notified through internet developers. This led to the creation of the San Francisco Bay Area. The subscribers grew, and Craig was surprised when he realized that people were also using the mail list for non-event postings. 

People were trying to advertise job positions through the mailing list. This led to the introduction of the job category. After much more advertising, people demanded more varieties to be introduced. This led to an increase in the category list. Craig registered the website in 1996 under “craiglist.org.”

By 2000, Craig realized that the website was proliferating, and he did not need to work as a software engineer anymore. He decided to devote his entire time to craigslist. By April, nine employees were working from Craig’sCraig’s apartment. 

Jim Buckmaster, the current CEO, joined the company in January 2000 and worked as lead programmer. Jim has contributed to various website features such as search engine, multi-city architecture, flagging system, self-posting process, homepage design, personals category, and best-in-craigslist. He was appointed as the CEO in November. 

By 2000, the website expanded its roots into nine cities in the U.S., and in 2001 it expanded to four more cities, and fourteen in 2002 and 2003. Languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese were supported by Craigslist by March 2008. 

By August 2012, more than 700 cities and up to 70 countries became a part of craigslist. Some sites covered vast areas like the U.S. states of Wyoming and Delaware, The California Gold Country, The Colorado Western Slope, and even the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Operations And Policies of The Website

Today’sToday’s website is known to serve more than 20 billion views each month and stands at the 11th position in the overall U.S. website and 72nd in the worldwide website. The website has over 50 million viewers in the U.S. per month. 

The website has over 2 million job listings monthly and 80 million ads. This makes craigslist one of the top and best websites for job boards. The website has more than 300,000 posts for ‘‘housing’’ and ‘‘for sale’’ daily. 

Earlier in 2012, many sites tried to unstable the Craigslist website by adding google maps and different search filters. The practice was disallowed, and the sites faced a lawsuit from Craigslist. 

Famous Characteristics of Craigslist

Some characteristics of craigslist seemed unique and advanced at the time the website was introduced. Some of these were famous for different reasons, but certain controversial features were also introduced. Some of these are: 

Adult Services 

Initially, some ads promoted ‘‘adult’’ services. There were quite controversial in 2002 relating to disclaimers like “casual encounters,” rants and raves,” and many others. They are ensured to only be used by 18 and above, but some of the disclaimers were easily accessible for those below 18 as well. 

The ads and the services were closed in September 2010, as the controversy started that Craigslist was promoting prostitution. The site also received several criticisms stating they were involved in prostitution and sex trafficking. 


The craigslist website is famous for dating and allows a personal section for “dating/romance” and “strictly platonic.” the website was helpful for gay men and lesbians trying to find connections. The services were free and open to all, leading to a great advertisement. 

On 22nd March 2018, this feature was dropped in the U.S. due to sex-trafficking allegations faced by the website. 


Flagging is the feature that enables to report of illegal and inappropriate posts. The best characteristic of this feature is that it does not require you to log in and can be done anonymously. The seats are eventually deleted if a decided number of users flag them. 

Flagging also helps Craigslist to block unwanted ads, and they can also do it, and the posts will not appear. 

Barter System

Craigslist also allows swaps for all of its “for sale” sections. The buyer can barter the post item, which has resulted in the tremendous economic growth of the website. 

Non-Profit Foundation

You might be wrong if you feel the website cannot get any cooler. Another interesting fact about the website is that the company started a non-profit foundation in early 2001. The Craigslist Foundation offered free online resources and events to promote and help the growth of a community on all levels. 

The foundation accepted charities and conducted events to help organizations get started and feel their worth in society. The foundation was closed in 2012, but it is said that the website is actively involved in charity work and has established various charity funds. 

Some of The Criticism

The website also faced some criticism over the years. The first significant criticism of the website was made in 2005 by the San Francisco Chronicle, which said the website prohibited the selling of pets, yet “re-homing” of pets was allowed after paying a small fee. 

The San Franciso Bay Guardian, in 2006, published that Craigslist is feeding onto the business of locals. A writer for The Wall Street Journal said the company was fighting any competition or criticism with the lawsuit and had a different mission. This was noted after Craigslist filed a trademark lawsuit on a website in July 2012. 

Again in 2012, after Craigslist sued a website for trying to sabotage the Craigslist website by adding google maps and their suggestions, Craigslist was criticized for trying to feed off the website that was useful for others.  


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