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Wyoming TV Show Canceled After Two Seasons

“Outer Range,” the intriguing time travel series from Amazon Prime Video set in Wyoming, has been canceled.

This decision leaves fans anxiously hanging, wondering about the story’s next twists and turns. The first season premiered in 2022 and the second season was later released for binge-watching. However, that’s it—it’s over.

The cancellation might be attributed to the production costs compared to the revenue generated. A significant portion of the expenses could include the actors’ payroll.

Amazon hasn’t disclosed the viewership numbers. Despite this, the show made it to Nielsen’s Top 10 original streaming rankings, peaking at the number three spot just after its premiere. Although critical opinions generally hold little sway over such decisions, “Outer Range” boasted an impressive 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

There is always a chance the show could be picked up by another network, similar to what happened with the Longmire series.

For those who haven’t seen it, “Outer Range” follows Royal Abbott, a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers a mysterious dark void at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness. The story deepens in the second season as Royal and his wife Cecilia struggle to hold their family together after the sudden disappearance of their granddaughter. The stakes escalate as they face dangers from multiple fronts.

Described as a blend of Yellowstone and The X-Files with some Twin Peaks vibes, the second season lives up to this unique combination. However, when you see the Tetons in the background, note that the series wasn’t filmed in Wyoming. The fictional town of Wabang in Amelia County was actually shot in New Mexico.

Bridge Street in Las Vegas, NM, serves as the main street of Wabang, with real buildings and no CGI. The Bison Valley Bank of Wyoming branch, for example, is the Community 1st Bank on Douglas Avenue, also in Las Vegas, NM. The Tetons’ perfect appearances are digitally added later.

The show’s storyline centers on the Abbott family, keeping viewers in suspense. Josh Brolin, star and director, hinted at more mysteries and alternate timelines in an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub.

The first season left viewers with many questions. The plot revolves around a massive, mysterious hole on the western part of the Abbott ranch. This dark void is central to the story, demanding viewers’ keen attention to detail. Even after the first two episodes, while a narrative direction becomes somewhat apparent, much mystery remains to be uncovered.

The storyline seems to involve time, but the origin or purpose of the hole remains unknown.

Season 2 allows the audience to binge-watch and dive deeper into the enigmatic story. But with the sudden cancellation, many details may remain unresolved.

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