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X-Men #1 Trailer Launches the Out of the Ashes Era

X-Men #1 Trailer Launches the Out of the Ashes Era

Marvel has unveiled a new trailer for X-Men #1, marking the beginning of the “From the Ashes” era. This latest issue, penned by writer Jed MacKay and illustrated by artist Ryan Stegman, drops today. Following the dramatic conclusion of the Krakoa era, the new series aims to serve both as a jumping-on point for new fans and an exciting evolution for long-time followers.

The launch trailer showcases art from MacKay and Stegman’s highly anticipated debut issue. Acting as a dynamic five-page preview, the trailer brings the artwork to life with some motion.

Alongside the trailer, Marvel encourages fans to look out for a “From the Ashes” checklist. This checklist will help organize and contextualize the various X-Men titles, ensuring that there’s something for every reader’s taste.

In a recent interview with IGN, MacKay emphasized the rebuilding theme of the series: “It’s about finding your place in a world you thought you’d left behind and trying to build something new from the wreckage. The X-Men are scavenging and repurposing what came before to construct a place for themselves. Essentially, they’re living in a former Orchis facility they have salvaged, which adds to the thematic depth of the story.”

The official synopsis explains, “X-Men #1 introduces a new team operating from a former sentinel factory in Alaska. Led by Cyclops, the lineup includes a mix of classic mainstays, fan-favorites, and rising stars: Beast, Psylocke, Magik, Kid Omega, Temper, Juggernaut, and Magneto. In the wake of Krakoa’s fall, these X-Men raise a flag of defiance. Facing deadly times, they adopt radical actions to battle for the destiny of the mutant species, confronting new forces, including the mysterious final remnant of the anti-mutant group Orchis.”

For those eager to get their hands on X-Men #1, it is available on digital platforms like ComiXology and at local comic shops.

Source: IGN