X-Men comes to the MCU with a gender-inclusive name: What will it be?

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From the first moment that Disney acquired Fox, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe imagine all the possible crossovers due to the arrival of new franchises and new characters. One of the most anticipated are X-Men, but there would be a very important modification that would be directly driven by the study: they plan to change their name to a more inclusive one.

While there is no official confirmation from Kevin Feige yet, it’s a given that mutants will be part of the MCU at any time. Also, they have already flirted with this when it appeared Pietro in the series WandaVision, but it was the one played by Evan Peters, who brought Quicksilver to life in the superhero tapes owned by Fox.

X-Men will land in the saga that began in 2008 with Iron Man soon, until it is rumored that it will be in the animated program What If…?, but whatever the moment They will do it with a completely different name than the one we know for a more inclusive one for reasons of gender and diversity, according to various media. What are the options ?

Marvel’s executive producer, Victoria Alonso, commented in 2019 that the name X-Men sounds “out of date” for the times we live in, and it would be one of the biggest drivers of change. According to the latest reports, the intended titles are X-Mutans, X-Team, X-People, X-Group, X-Heroes Y X-Patrol, in reference to the comics in Spanish that were titled Patrol-x.

It is no news that Marvel Studios is committed to inclusion and gender diversity, and a recent example is the confirmation that Loki is bisexual. Despite criticism from a sector of society, the MCU will be littered with projects that will continue this line of thinking: She-Hulk, Eternals, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Marvels, Ms. Marvel, Armor Wars, Ironheart Y Moon Knight.


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