X-Men: Hellfire Gala Trail

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There is little left for the event in which the new main lineup of the X-Men will be decided, and that also leaves us on the way to the party in which the appointment will be celebrated in a few months.

After the fight with Arakko, and starting the union with the new island, it seems that the X-Men had solved all the problems of Krakoa, but it is not like that. The two islands do not get along, the evolution of the island that has occurred in another world has changed its language, even its way of being, which means that the union will cost a lot, not even someone who knows both languages ​​like Doug can get on too well with her.

In addition, the influence of Krakoa with the arrival of the new powers to the throne of the Shi’ar Empire and its relationship with the mutants have changed. Problems keep popping up for the new incarnation of the X-Men, but the most important of these three numbers that we are analyzing (16, 17 and 18) is the saga of the Chamber.


The saga that began before the time of the battles against Arakko is ending. The journey inside what was the Master Mold of the sentinels and is now the entrance to a strange and virtual world will come to an end. In this alternate universe to ours whose time passes differently, the mutants found themselves with something special, a new breed of mutants and above all an infection for Storm that had to be cured in another virtual world, that of the Weapon Plus project.

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But the most important thing in this issue is to see that development of the characters that Hickman so little likes to do, since it is in this saga of the camera where he has really faced one of the theories that he had raised, human evolution, the technological change, and especially the future for the mutant race before the arrival of the new Nova sentinels, is the future, remember that this has not ended, it is just beginning.

In this saga of the House we will see X 23, Sincro and Darwin live and survive against the children of a virtual city, where it seems that evolution and mutations are a natural state. When we see at the end we will know what happens, but where the discovery will take us will once again be a mystery that only Jonathan Hickman knows, we are left with the desire to know what will happen, it leaves us again with many ideas raised, but few answers

The screenwriter does not like to introduce many elements in his story, he focuses on one line, and tells what he needs around him, but within this time with the mutants he has changed from focusing only on one line and has opened several of them. And while he is solving them, he opens new questions following the style of Chris Claremont, but perhaps with less fluidity, since his patterns produce moments of absolute disconnection with the series, even as we always say, his structure is very solid and works very well. Although this time he has used all the resources to analyze and increase the classic stories of many characters that are quite forgotten, he continues to focus on the structure, forcing it in such a way that if you do not advance, if there is not an element that changed it, the psychological development of the characters is always in the background and they are usually something that is subject to the plot.

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Yes we can say that the series has always triumphed in its great choice of great cartoonists. In this case we have had Brett Booth, Phil Noto and Mamoud Asrar -Noto stands out for his special way of drawing, which more often than not seem like paint on some occasions with very few defined lines, with a lot of color and shadows to go almost to colorful pages in three dimensions rather than flat.

Booth is scared of action, however he tends to be a little lacking in smoothness in his dialogues, which sometimes end up looking like more discussions due to his need to always print dynamics to his vignettes. It is Asrar who best adapts and who is capable of interpreting Hickman much better, the result is seen in immense vignettes, spectacular regarding what he wants to present great battles and acts of power, but above all in the small aspects. He is capable of great detail in his works from Conan to when he has been in The X-Men.

So we review the three numbers (17, 18, 19) of the X-Men to enter the beginning of the elections of the new X-Men, and the countdown to the Hellfire Gala, where the new X-Men will be presented, that of all the mutants who will decide who their new guardian heroes are in a historic and iconic lineup.

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