Xavier, this is the robot that already patrols public areas to impose order

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Although we are already becoming more and more accustomed to the use of robots in our day-to-day lives, the truth is that technology surprises us a little more every day. Security is something that worries the whole world, which is why we are increasingly finding more complete surveillance systems on the streets of any city in the world. However, there are in certain points of the geography where the laws are stricter and they care much more about surveillance on their streets. This is the case of Singapore, where it has already begun to test a robot named Xavier and that it is in charge of patrolling certain public areas in order to maintain order and prevent certain rules from being violated.

The truth is that today we can already find security cameras that ensure the safety of pedestrians in many cities around the world, but the truth is that these robots could be a great example and could begin to be used in many other cities .

Two Xavier robots patrol the streets of Singapore

Currently, a patrol consisting of two robots Xavier through some public areas of Singapore. These robots are equipped with cameras providing 360 degree dashboard images so there is nothing to escape. They are also capable of taking pictures even in environments low light thanks to its infrared cameras.

The video that each robot is capturing is analyzed by a system of artificial intelligence that allows you to search for any situation that requires the intervention of the police itself. These Xavier robots are also equipped with a sensor set that allow them to detect everything in their path to avoid any object, vehicles, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.

They have currently been tested in a public area with high pedestrian traffic and will be working for the next three weeks. During this time, they will try to prevent more than five people from gathering who do not comply with the anti-COVID-19 security measures, that people smoke in prohibited areas, avoid illegal street vending or are even able to detect badly parked bicycles or any mobility device and motorcycles that use the sidewalks instead of driving on the road.

As soon as the robot itself detects any of these situations, it will send information to the command center and subsequently will display a message on the screen incorporated to inform the public and try to re-educate them. Although the intentions in Singapore were to double the number of security and surveillance cameras, the use of these robots could further increase security and very soon we could see many more Xavier on its streets and why not, in other parts of the world.


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