Xbox admits it needs to improve video recording and sharing features

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Xbox’s head of project management, Jason Ronald, acknowledged that the video capture and sharing features of the Xbox Series X/S need to be improved, confirming that the team will prioritize these improvements.

VGCAccording to the news of Iron Lords podcast, Ronald was asked if the company is focusing on improving the Xbox Series X/S in-game recording capabilities.

Ronald answered the question posed to him with these words:

“Game DVR (the technology that allows gamers to record footage of the games they’re playing) is the one area we wanted to develop even more than we could. Game DVR will definitely be a priority for us this year.”

“We definitely record player feedback. By making some changes to the system, we have made some improvements in the security and quality of the recordings, but we know we have more work to do in this area. So that will definitely be a priority for us.”

Xbox Insider program

Ronald also added that the team tested new features and improvements and received feedback from players. To the Xbox Insider program recommended to take a look at:

“You know, the best suggestion I can offer is for non-Xbox Insider players to participate in these programs. So you can send relevant feedback while we bring innovations and improvements to our systems. We also take into account your suggestions regarding Game DVR and As I said before, this feature will be a priority for us in 2022.”

Adam Bankhurst writes at MRT.

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