Xbox App Working with These Simple Tricks

What to do when Xbox app is not working?

One of the applications that every gamer almost needs on their computer is the Windows app. The reason is the Xbox Game Pass with which you can enjoy all the online content offered by the platform, whatever PC you have. However, there are times when the application itself has some type of problem, so we are going to teach you what to do if the Xbox app does not work on your computer.

Why Xbox app is not working?

How many times has that happened to you to open the Xbox app and it does not react? We hope this has happened to you a few times, but the truth is that it is a more common problem than it seems. Now, we have good news as we are here to help you fix the problem.

The most recurring solutions

Well, let’s start thinking about all the possible solutions that can help you get the Xbox app up and running.

  • Restart the machine: a solution as simple as pressing the Windows button and then restart.
  • Windows Update: The operating system may have a compatibility error and that is why you will need to update it for the app to work again. From the Configuration>Windows Update section you will be able to see this information.
  • Update the Xbox app: The procedure is as simple as going to the Microsoft store, looking for the Xbox app and checking if there is any kind of new thing to install.
  • Deactivate the antivirus: What we are looking for with this is that the antivirus does not generate any type of problem with a service that has to connect to the Internet. Everyone has a way to achieve this and it is by going to the firewall section and deactivating it for the minimum possible time, which is 15 minutes. Then you can activate it yourself if you want.
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The most ‘difficult’ solutions

Here we come to the case where none of the previous options work. It would be rare for none of the above to be a solution, so you should know more tricks to fix the Xbox app not working error:

  1. Fix the Xbox app: One of the things you need to know is that it may stop you from the Xbox app works fine is that you can fix it yourself. For that you have to go to Settings> Apps and look for it and then click on the advanced settings to find the repair button.
  2. Change the time: yes, it seems silly, but if you changed the time for some reason the Xbox app will stop working. Luckily, by right-clicking and clicking on Adjust Date and Time you can set it to the correct time.

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