Xbox consoles will receive the game in the cloud (xCloud) at Christmas

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Xbox consoles will receive the game in the cloud (xCloud) at Christmas

After his conference at E3 2021, Xbox returns to the fray with a new presentation, this time within Gamescom 2021, which has been followed in MeriStation minute by minute through our direct text. The Redmond company has taken advantage of this framework to confirm the arrival date of xCloud to consoles: Christmas 2021. The cloud game, available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers, also works on iOS and Android mobile devices.

More than 100 Xbox Game Pass titles will work through cloud play. Xbox users will be able to test the games before downloading them in full, and as they point out in The Vergewill also allow users of Microsoft’s machines to start multiplayer games as soon as they receive an invitation from their friends. On the other hand, the dashboard it will be updated with a specific icon for xCloud.

Pyschonauts 2, about to launch

It has taken Double Fine Productions years, but it is already one step away from commercializing Psychonauts 2, a sequel to the classic adventure game. As the game began to develop before the studio was acquired by Microsoft, the North American company will keep the original platforms on which it was announced. Thus, the title will go on sale next August 25 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but also on PS4, PS5 and PC.

Like all first party products, Psychonauts 2 will come to Xbox Game Pass from the day of its launch. That means that all subscribers to the service will have the opportunity to enjoy the video game. Myst and Twelve Minutes are other games that are incorporated in August.

The team led by Tim Schaffer, co-creator of Monkey Island and legend of adventure games, has also expressed its commitment to accessibility, a debate that has also referred to the difficulty in video games. “If you finish Psychonauts 2 with invincible mode activated you also complete Psychonauts 2”, they commented in a Twitter thread in which they recalled that everyone has the right to play video games and have fun with them.


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