Xbox Game Pass Doesn’t Negatively Affect Development, Says We Happy Few Developer

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The profitability of Xbox Game Pass for both Microsoft and for the studios that are part of the platform is, again, a topic of discussion. Naila Hadjas, public relations of Compulsion Games, has ensured that Xbox Game Pass does not have a negative impact on the development of their games. Since they are a team first-party from Xbox Game Studios, they are confident that their next video games will be available from day one on the service, which may have an impact on direct sales.

No, there is no negative impact. Positive yeah”They begin by saying. “We want the greatest number of people to be able to access our games. In the case of We Happy Few, for example, at first we were going to publish it only on Steam and, little by little, we added it to the ID @ Xbox program and then to PlayStation. What we really want is for people to be able to play our game. The fact that it’s on Game Pass means more people will be able to play it. There is really no downside”, He asserts.

Back in the day, Descenders editor No More Robots was very pleased with Xbox Game Pass. It not only shot up its player numbers, but its sales. Depending on the studio and the game, the contract to be on Xbox Game Pass changes, it is negotiated differently. In some cases, a percentage calculation, in others, a fee in the form of an advance payment. The Messenger team is delighted, as is the Bloober Team.

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Last January Xbox Game Pass reached 18 million subscribers.

The intergenerational model of Xbox Series and Xbox One is more complex

The only negative impact it can have on development is intergenerationality, according to Compulsion Games. Working in ports for Xbox One poses additional adversities as they are platforms with such different technology and, in the case of the latter, much less capable at all levels. “There are many technical limitations. It is a version of the game that must move in both [Xbox One y Xbox Series] even if they don’t have the same power ”.

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