Xbox Game Pass se aleja de Nintendo Switch; Phil Spencer lo explica

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It will not be easy Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo Switch. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has given an extensive interview to the medium GamesRadar to talk about the concept of the Xbox ecosystem and a future that inevitably passes through its games on demand service. End the barriers and that all users can play wherever i am Y regardless of the device it is a maxim; not in vain, closed systems pose difficulties they do not depend on Microsoft.

Not to say impossible: Nintendo decides on Nintendo Switch

“We’re not in the industry just to create a green version of the others’ blue or red platform,” Spencer says. The thinking mind of the North American company does not think about the console war and, again, gives another example: “That war can help one platform win over another, but it does not help the industry.”

All in all, the possibility of seeing Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch would help to continue expanding its service to basically every device with a screen, it just isn’t as simple as it sounds.

We have no plans to take it [Xbox Game Pass] to any kind of closed platform right now, mainly because those closed platforms don’t want something like Game Pass ”, he adds. “There are a lot of open platforms that we can grow on: the web, the PC and the mobile. So all our focus, frankly, is on those platforms “, he concludes, not without making it clear that they are” totally open “to having those conversations with anyone willing to allow the Xbox experience to reach those devices in full.

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The future also involves the launch of a portable terminal such as Steam Deck, which will be an open device. Valve’s console-shaped laptop will have a proprietary operating system, but it won’t prevent others from being installed like Windows. And if it is possible to install Windows, it will be possible to play Xbox Game Pass; it remains to be seen whether the result is satisfactory or not.

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