Xbox grows 16% in revenue thanks to Xbox Series; record quarter

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Microsoft’s video game division, Xbox, has recorded about $ 3.6 billion in revenue during the first quarter of fiscal year 2022; a 16% more than a year ago. Microsoft has presented this Tuesday the financial results corresponding to the period ended last September 30 and it does so with total revenues of 45.3 billion dollars, 22% more than last year, of which it has obtained a profit of 20.5 billion dollars. Dollars.

Xbox Series Demand Drives Division Revenue: Record Figures

With these data, the department gaming of the North American giant this record figure: Xbox has never recorded so much revenue in the period from July 1 to September 30. The reasons are diverse. These results are due to a unprecedented demand for its new generation of consolesXbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which are also experiencing supply problems due to the semiconductor crisis; which can last until 2023.

Total, Xbox has increased its hardware revenue by 166% compared to the same period last year. It is for this reason that the firm led by Satya Nadella hopes to continue growing. Currently, demand is well above supply, a situation that will be reversed little by little.

Xbox Game Pass, additional services and content, a fundamental pillar

The segment of “content and services”From Xbox also improves its performance over the same period a year ago. At the income level, the technology firm reports a 2% growth thanks to Xbox Game Pass and video game first-party, from which it continues to obtain an economic amortization through microtransactions, DLC or downloadable paid content.

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Despite the interest in the gaming community, Microsoft has not updated the total number of members subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. The latest official figure stood at 18 million subscribers last January; although Take-Two’s CEO pointed out weeks ago about 30 million. A Microsoft document issued to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States reveals that the growth of XGP is remarkable, 37.48% compared to last year; but below the high expectations, above 47%.

Still, the strong performance of Xbox, LinkedIn, Windows, Office and Azure have allowed Microsoft’s business to be positive on practically all fronts except one, Surface, whose revenue fell 17%.

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