Xbox is not planning any more games with FPS Boost for "the immediate future"

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Backward compatibility is one of the pillars of the Xbox brand, a division that has made preservation one of its main themes. During the 20th anniversary event, the North American company announced 76 additional backward compatible titles, as well as an extensive list of products that will improve their performance thanks to FPS Boost in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Jason Ronald, director of development of Xbox, has confessed on the Iron Lords podcast that he currently they do not plan to try more games with this technology.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve the titles, either with the improvement of resolution, framerate or with elements such as Auto HDR”, he recalled, and then pointed out: “I will say that right now, with the existing technique that we have with FPS Boost, we have tested more than [130 videojuegos con la tecnología] and in most cases the game works great, but then we found game-breaking bugs “in some of the cases.

Therefore, they will continue to explore “new opportunities” and methods to enhance the quality of old video games. “But we have nothing planned for the immediate future. Right now I think we are investigating what the limitations of our current technique are. “

No more backwards compatible, at least for the moment

Everything seems to indicate that the latest additions to the backward compatible catalog on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will mark the end. In a press release, Microsoft underscored its commitment to its idea of “Preserve and improve games”, but they confirmed that they had reached the “limit” of their possibilities “when it came to bringing” their titles from the past to current machines. According to those in Redmond, they have run into legal and licensing problems, as well as technical limitations at the time.

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The current strategy of the division involves services such as Xbox Game Pass, which provide the player with access to a wide variety of titles, both current and legacy, from Xbox Game Studios itself and from developers third party.

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