Xbox Mini Fridge: Microsoft’s Meme Fridge costs 100 euros

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It looks like an Xbox Series X, but is much cooler: Microsoft is accepting pre-orders for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge from October 19th. The refrigerator is based on the box-shaped design of Microsoft’s current game console, which has been the subject of numerous discussions and taunts on social media. In Germany it will be sold at GameStop and cost 100 euros.

Xbox Mini Fridge: Microsoft’s Meme Fridge costs 100 euros

The internet is full of hot IT news and stale pr0n. In between there are always pearls that are too good for / dev / null.

The mini fridge was developed in collaboration with the merchandise manufacturer Ukonic. According to Microsoft, it has green LEDs and a matt black surface that is modeled on the Xbox Series X. The company does not provide exact dimensions, but there should be space for up to 12 beverage cans inside. There are also two shelves for snacks behind the door. Meanwhile, a USB port has been placed on the front, which can be used to charge devices.

Microsoft understood the jokes about the design of the new Xbox Series X as a PR opportunity right from the start: Shortly after the launch of the new game console, the company was circulating photo montages of the black Xbox box in kitchens on Twitter, and later built and raffled it together the US rapper Snoop Dogg 1.50 meter tall and 180 kilo heavy refrigerator in the black and green look of the console.

Now Microsoft could have ticked off the malice about the console design as confidently mastered. But the community did not give up: As part of a survey, Twitter wanted to identify the most humorous brand accounts, and Microsoft’s Xbox account was also in the running. Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg promised: If Xbox wins the poll, the Xbox-sized mini fridge will become a reality. “No April Fool’s joke, no clickbait.”

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And that’s how it happened: Two months later, Microsoft’s Mini Fridge had its first video appearance at the end of a large summer livestream from Microsoft.

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Trailer for the mini fridge from Microsoft.

(What: Microsoft)

It is still unclear how many copies Microsoft will produce. After the pre-orders have been processed, the Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge is expected to reach customers sometime in December. Availability will then be expanded in the coming year. The Xbox Series X, meanwhile, is hardly available: due to a lack of components, the game console, like the Sony PS5, has been sold out since the market launch.


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