Xbox One Controllers Receive Next-Gen Features Thanks To New Firmware

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Microsoft is testing a new firmware update for controllers from Xbox One with support for Bluetooth, for Xbox Elite 2 controllers and for Xbox Adaptive controllers. And this give them a range of next-generation features previously only available on Xbox Series X controllers | S.

Microsoft announced that it has started testing the new firmware update in a blog post. en Xbox Wire. The firmware update, which is available to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users currently (from the Insider program), aims to reduce controller latency and improve connectivity between devices.

Regarding the latter, the firmware update will make supported drivers support Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing for better pairing experiences between devices. Most Xbox One controllers can now use Bluetooth support when connected to a PC or smartphone, but they do pair with Xbox consoles through the Xbox Wireless protocol. The Bluetooth Low Energy update will enable a faster switching experience between Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth devicesas players will be able to do so by simply double tapping the pairing button.

In the vein of next generation controllers, Upgraded Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2, and Xbox Adaptive controllers will receive Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). This basically allows for more responsive gameplay by delivering controller inputs more efficiently when connecting to a console Xbox Series X | S. DLI is a feature that was previously only incorporated into controllers for Xbox Series X | Yes, and although the firmware update is not necessarily that useful for gamers using next-gen consoles, certainly improves the versatility of accessories in general.

In the blog post, Xbox delved into the reasons that have led them to carry out this update. “We believe it is important to maintain backward compatibility for Xbox accessories that people already have in their collection and ensure that we provide the best gaming experience no matter how you choose to play. “said Xbox.

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In other Xbox news, Microsoft recently announced a new limited edition controller based on Forza Horizon 5. This model features translucent yellow panels with a pink and blue color scheme, and will be released on November 9, 2021 along with the new installment of this popular driving saga. Command you can book now, by the way.

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