Xbox Responds to PlayStation’s Requests for “Platinum Trophy” Logos

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Jason Ronald, Director of Project Management at Xbox, commented on the latest episode of Iron Lords Podcast (via Pure Xbox) the ability to see what’s new in the traditional Xbox achievements tool. Microsoft’s video game brand celebrates its twentieth anniversary in a big way this November; but once aware of its past, the company looks to the future. Faced with the possibility of an equivalent to the PlayStation Platinum Trophy on Xbox, they acknowledge that have heard the feedback of the players.

The formulation was clear: on PlayStation, when you complete all the achievements of a video game, the system recognizes it and awards you a Platinum Trophy. They have nothing to announce at the moment, but will value news in the future.

“Without a doubt, we have heard those comments,” begins Ronald, aware of the demands of his community. Currently the most similar are 1000 G for the Gamerscore. “The achievements are interesting because everyone plays differently. So we thought about how to reward people for playing the way they want and the games they want. “

In this regard, Ronald explains that there are users who only play multiplayer, while others only play the campaign. Others are very complete and still others just complete the basics. The goal of Xbox is that everyone can be rewarded in some way, find a balance. “It is definitely an area where we have heard some comments. There is nothing to announce for now, but it is something that we have very much in mind for the future”, Sentence, without specifying that they are going to incorporate a final prize.

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Present and future of achievements, will Xbox have a Platinum Trophy equivalent?

The Xbox achievement system has established itself as a pioneer tool in consoles by incorporating small challenges and incentives in each video game. These challenges, translated into rewards with scores, are added to the user’s profile (Gamerscore).

Sony later added the Trophy system, also established and much loved by its community, but with a difference: instead of giving a certain score for each achievement, the Japanese firm discriminated between three types of Trophies (Bronze, Silver and Gold) plus a final one, Platinum, which certifies that the user has obtained all the achievements of the title in question.

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