Xbox transforms its official website to the Xbox 360 style; 20th anniversary celebration

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The next November 15, 2021 they will become true 20 years since the world knew the first Xbox and its launch games, among which there were already gems that would soon become established, such as Halo: Combat Evolved and Project Gotham Racing. It is a distinguished date that Microsoft wants to celebrate with a good number of tributes, winks and celebrations, including a total (and temporary) remodeling of the brand’s website. During these days, it will look just like it did the legendary Xbox 360 dashboard, the famous tabbed interface that we visited so many times between 2005 and 2013.

Celebrating 20 years of Xbox

But Xbox 20th Anniversary has materialized in more ways, such as a special edition of the current command. It has been designed in a translucent green and black that allows to see the silver details of the interior and renders tribute to the original xbox. Its colors have also been inherited by the Xbox 20th Anniversary Stereo Headsets, or by the numerous t-shirts, caps and mugs of the event that have reached the web store. To this should be added the appearance of a hashtag for Twitter that has its own emoji (#Xbox20), an avatar and a dynamic theme for holders of Xbox Series X/S, or several wallpapers for the computer that you can download from here.

It is expected that as the date approaches, surely on November 15 itself, Microsoft will make one more announcement on the occasion of the anniversary. Perhaps even an event with one or two surprises, everything indicates that related to backward compatibility and Xbox Game Pass. But to see what desire they ask when blowing out the candles, we will still have to wait a bit.

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