Xbox wants to have PlayStation-style blockbuster games

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The Xbox ecosystem is based on Xbox Game Pass, there is no doubt. Microsoft wants to turn its flagship service into the meeting point of all your players, a platform where we find blockbusters both in proposals singleplayer as multiplayer and of course also small works. However, Matt Booty acknowledges that they still lack that great blockbuster commercial that PlayStation has achieved several times, with AAA icons based on immersive experiences.

“First, Hats off to Sony and its system of studios and leaders; I mean, it’s fantastic”, Begins by saying the head of Xbox Game Studios in a meeting with Kinda Funny Games. “Can’t argue with the quality, art, and games they’ve released, in which they are working now and the material that we have seen so far, so I take my hat off to them ”, he clarifies before his presentation.

It has been a place in which we have not been ahead “

When asked if they want to have a title of that style, Booty believes that they are “important”For a console catalog because they are recognizable, they reach all audiences and are highly anticipated. And certainly, It has been a place that we have not been in the leadWe haven’t really had a face-to-face with Sony. I don’t want to necessarily get into the topic of ‘what is our Uncharted? What is our Horizon Zero Dawn? What is this? What is ours? ‘ I don’t think that does anyone any good, ”he clarifies, although he acknowledges that in recent years they have not had that great bombshell massive commercial.

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“But you have hit the nail on the head, and what I have made clear is: what are those games that deal with universal themes, that have a great world in which people want to get lost, that have really well-written characters and production values? very high? That is absolutely what we want to look for.“, ends. Phil Spencer already anticipated these words last year, when he declared wanting more games single player exclusivos en Xbox Game Pass.

With works like Fable, the reboot of Perfect Dark, Avowed and the next proposals from its 23 internal studios (already contemplating Bethesda in the equation), Xbox Game Studios continues to grow on the path of consolidation. On October 28 it opens Age of Empires IV; he 9th of November will arrive Forza Horizon 5, while on December 8 it will go on sale Halo Infinite.

Source | Kinda Funny Games; via VGC


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